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Surrounded by art and music since childhood.

His father was a musician and introduced him to study the piano at the age of 5.

Since that moment, his life was based on creativity.

At the age of 14 he wrote his first songs. He engages in music production, as a live musician-percussionist and as a deejay in parties, radios and local discos. 

He started the profession of record producer towards the end of the 80's inflaming the dancefloors worldwide and collaborating to create the first Italo-house and techno-house.

He has written over 250 songs and has more than 400 productions as composer, arranger, producer, mix or remixer. His name is present on over 4 million discs around the world.


Always passionate about communication and new media is owner and creative director from 2003 of NEXUS3, advertising and marketing agency in Verona.

He has collected experiences, successes and knowledge in the traditional and online communication, as long as in audiovisual production as director.


His background and creative character have led him to convey creativity in all areas, from advertising to discography, as a composer, arranger, sound engineer and record producer achieving national and International high level goals.

Thanks to his personality, he also approached the visual arts, so he created Illuminamenti with Elena Idone, a project of emotions, visions and ideas.

Massimo Persona

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